My Lady the Lioness

As far as eye can see lies
A shimmering blue horizon
Of azure pure, no sight of shore,
Should I ever lay my eyes on

More placid scene in all my life
As white clouds sail fast
I think of you, my memory true
Of beauty unsurpassed

An osprey circles high above
The mizzen, yet all the while
It sees blue, but I see you
Rapt in loving smile

Out here upon the rolling plains
Free of earthly bounds
Stars above tell tales of love
To symphony ocean sounds

The salty breezes whisper warm
The ocean sun beats down,
To warm the skin, of earthen kin
And turns their bodies brown

I ride upon bowsprit and watch
The rolling waves abreast
Whose gentle surf, is giving birth
To endless foamy crest

The dolphins ride the bow hulls wake
In playful ecstasy
While great whales breach, at my arms reach
Proud, strong and free

We glide towards a setting sun
Leaving the west behind
And Ra’s desire, turns sky to fire
Yet I still have you on mind

The sun is quenched in blue horizons
Red skies turn to jade
Stars appear, bring memories dear
As light begins to fade

I stay steadfast upon the sprit
A figurehead carved of loneliness
There I shall stay, till break of day
Upon the great Dutch Lioness

  • Okky Oktaviani

    wow. this is touching. such an amazing chance to get to know you Tim. are you on Facebook? I’m okky from Indonesia,

  • Indirastammes

    I have never seen such a beautiful poem. You have a great and wonderful talent.

    Keep up the good work!

    – Indira, The Netherlands-