The Corsair

My name is Tim Young and I am an Astrophysicist currently studying an interesting type of dead star called Pulsars. I am also an avid science communicator, working at Horizon the Planetarium here in Perth, and also having started up a not-for-profit group with some of my colleagues called the Guerilla Astronomers. However, you might know me better as one of the “Geeks” from 2010’s TV Show Beauty and the Geek.

Anchorage is a place where I can sit down at the end of the day and put some of my thoughts down on virtual paper, whether they are about my experiences on Beauty and the Geek, gaming, literature, music, or just the ramblings of a tired scientist. Among my friends and colleagues I am well known for my ability to come up with and sometimes begin new projects, but am equally notorious for never finishing them; if I ever do so, they will be documented in appropriate detail here. One of them will be my thoughts on the latest season of Beauty and the Geek Australia, which I recently appeared in.

Please feel free to contact me at corsair@corsairsanchorage.com or you can follow me on Twitter as @DungeonMaster.

Tim Young

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  • Geoff

    hey mate! nice makeover.

    I’ve got a window of opportunity to study fribbled breg.

    Do you seriously think it is a legitimate and dependable way to answer multi choice, or were you just having fun with 1st yr eng students?

    I’ve had a quick google but was unable to pull up any solid sources on how to learn it. If it is legit could you please direct me?

    Geoff Kopaczewskyj from materials 100 sem1 2010

    • The Fribbled Breg is an example to show parallel question construction, and to open your mind to the possibility of reading around a question in order to help you solve it. It is not a magical technique that will make you pass something through an algorithm. Of course, if the person who set the test knows parallel question construction, then it is likely to be far harder to use psychology to answer the questions.

      Best of luck with your exams though.

      Fribbled Breg link:

  • Eva

    You are really an amazing person, sharing who you are and your experience. Found you real interesting and soooo beautiful – mind, soul and face :) From Eva in Sweden.

  • Have just checked clear on Beauty and the Geek. Just saw the section when you went eliminated! So incredibly sad, you are a real great man with a big heart! And you are so beautiful!!!!! Paulina from Sweden

  • Sheenasimbajon

    Your a one trully amazing human being Tim, makeover or without makeover your still look wonderful. Your eyes tells everything, it’s like a magnet that you cant stop looking at your eyes…very cute, i really appreciate and adore you.:) Sheena from Philippines

  • Amlytan

    Like all that viewed Beauty and the Geeks, you guys (Geeks) were awesome in your own ways and with or without transformation, you guys still shine through with your personality and chivalry (haha not sure if you learn it through medieval games. Just kidding!:P). I think that’s why I zoom in onto you, you displayed that the most. I hope if any typical GUYS watched the show, they would learn a thing or two from you! Take care and all the best in your thesis <3 Amly from Malaysia

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  • Angel Rosario

    hi.. with or without your makeover in beauty and the geek you’re still an amazing person with  great personality… your eyes shows who you are , a great person with great heart…. love you from the Philippines…. my name is angel… follow me on twitter..@Its_me_bugsy:twitter

  • Geoff739

    Hey Tim, I was just googleing my name and you came up under images, When you were tutoring one of my class’ at Curtin in 2010 you told us about fribbled greg, I have tried to learn it since but have neveer found a reliable way to learn it, the resources that came up in google were far easier to solve than what you get in Engineering exams not that i get too much multi choice these days… Still think it’s a useful skill to have and wanted to learn it, can you plese help with this – Geoffrey Kopaczewskyj

  • Geoff739

    ps please respond to my email address, geoff739@hotmail.com thanks

  • cherizka

    amaizing finally i can cath u here, just watching beauty and the geek i love your eyes at the first time you show up, a great beautifull heart , just want to tell you deserve to happymore than you think.
    luv, hug, kisses

    cherizka indonesia

  • Felice

    To be honest I adore your eyes, they say a lot of things more than words. You’re a great man with a sweet heart, and please always to be like that. From Felice in Indonesia.

  • Liquid

    Wow, the brains ánd the looks…  the charms and the personality too.. Not to mention that you even like Nine Inch Nails! :)
    Watching the season of Beauty and the Geek Australia right now on Dutch tv, finding you to be incredibly sexy.
    You’ve got it all man.. I hope the show brought you a lot of good, and I wish you all the best, both in your personal and professional life.

    Take care, greatings from just a woman from The Netherlands!

  • chanya

    Wonder!!! you are amazing Tim. Not only about your look but the way you act, feeling, behaviour …. so cool. i really want to say that i am your Fan Club now lol. Chanya Thailand

  • Eva

    You are so beautiful <3 Lots oF kisses and hugs: Eva from Norway 

  • sini

    Hi Tim,
    I don’t know if you read this page anymore or not, but I just wanted to tell you that I was really moved by what I saw on the Beauty and the Geek. You are such an amazing person and I am very proud of you and everything you have done and reached in your life. Please don’t be so harsh to yourself! You are allowed to feel loved, allowed to be yourself, allowed to make mistakes. You are perfect just the way you are. Thank you for sharing your story with us viewers; it opened my eyes in a way. I think I understand different kinds of people better now, thanks to you. I hope you will read this because I really wanted to say this to you! Don’t ever forget that there sure are people who like you just as who you are and who will be there for you anytime you need them. Once more, thank you for being that open, wonderful, empathic and incredibly goodhearted human being. Thank YOU for being YOU!
    I wish you the best!
    A girl from Finland ?

  • Vicki

    I think your transformation was fenomenal! I saw your beautiful eyes way before they cut your hair and shaved your beard but now they can be seen by everyone. :)
    You are an amazeing person, to put yourself on the lim on tv like that… I bet you didnt really know to what extent… :)
    Know this, you are beautiful, in and out. Amazeing.
    Vicki from Sweden