All Stations Go!

First and foremost, I would like to thank those of you who are here because you watched Beauty and the Geek Australia and were kind enough to follow and support me and my fellow Geeks (and Beauties) through-out the season. It was an amazing time for all of us, and though I miss the show I am glad to be back in my life doing the research that I had left behind. Now that the show is over, I can revive this site and resume writing short bursts of creativity interspersed with long periods of procrastination!

A lot has happened since I was last able to post on this site, as I am sure you can appreciate. Not only has my physical appearance undergone a radical shift; so has the way I approach my life. I do get a lot of people approaching me on the streets or in the shopping centre, asking me questions and offering me compliments on the makeover. To all of you I offer my deepest gratitude, as it is heartwarming to know that people have watched the show and joined all of us on our respective journeys. To the most common questions that I am asked, here is a quick FAQ:

  • Do you like your makeover?
    Yes, though I must admit it was two full weeks before I started to recognise myself in the mirror. The mansion has many reflective surfaces, and I was constantly spinning around, looking for the strange-looking person standing behind me, only to realise that it was me.
  • Are you going to keep your hair short/your beard shaved?
    Yes, I believe (for the meantime at least) I will be keeping this look, or some minor variation there-of. The short hair is certainly easier to maintain (and I used far less shampoo), though I will have to factor regular haircuts back into my budget.
  • Are you and Kara still friends?
    Absolutely! Kara is one of the most amazing people I have ever been fortunate enough to meet, and I am sure we will remain good friends for a long time. I cannot stress enough, just how happy I am that she picked me on that very first day. Nor can I articulate just how proud of her, and how much I appreciate everything that she has done for me both during the show and since. <3
  • Was it fun filming the show?
    The whole experience was a blast, though there were ups and downs just like every part of your life. The crew were amazing and the Mansion was a lot of fun to live in. And yes, Bernard Curry is a fantastic and hilarious person to spend time with. (Also, yes, Bernard and I did spend some time talking about the LHC and quantum physics)
  • What are you doing now that the show has finished?
    Back to my research! My real world job is both as a science communicator at Horizon – The Planetarium in Perth (come and see me for a show some time!), and as a researcher currently writing my Honours Thesis in Pulsar Astrophysics. Feel free to ask me about my research, but I warn you in advance: sometimes I can get a bit too excited and talk so much that your ears will bleed. I really do love my work! :D

So, what is next? Just as I have gone through a transformation over the course of the show, so too will Anchorage. There are some articles that will start appearing on the site over the coming weeks, but for those of you who would rather listen than read I have some exciting news. That’s right, I am boldy going where many, more-experienced people have gone before; I am starting a brand new podcast! Keep your eyes (and now your ears as well) peeled and join me on this new venture into the world of science, gaming, and rambling anecdotes. Thank you all once more for your support and for joining us on Beauty and the Geek Australia. Subscribe to the RSS feed (big blue button on the top right of the page) and I hope to hear from you all in the future.

Yours Truly

Tim Young

  • Godammit Tim – I have a podcast scheduled to start in the new year…

  • Oh what a wonderful photo! :D
    I think I will take you up on your offer of a ‘show’ ;)

  • Jordan

    Looking forward to the podcast :)

  • Hi Tim!
    I just finished tanning this year’s ‘Geeks’ and was thinking of you :)
    I hope you are well, and the tanning last year wasn’t too awful for you haha!!
    Your final makeover was fantastic though, so all worth it.
    Feel free to write a testimonial on my website if you enjoyed the final result! ;)
    Tania x

    • Hi Tania! :D

      Thank you for being so understanding while spray-tanning someone who constantly complained and spouted lines about why perpetrating a negative body-image stereotype was so damaging to young audience members. For the limited time you had available, and the Spartan resources at hand, you did a wonderful job.

      • Thank you Tim :) It was a pleasure meeting you all last year. This year’s boys were more petrified of the tanning, (when I saw them at least), than feisty like you! I’m adding your comment to my website if that is ok? Tx

  • Alia

    hi Tim! well maybe my comment is like more than a year late but Beauty and the Geek Australia was just shown recently here in our place. And your transformation was my favorite! I actually got teary-eyed watching the show. Hope you’re doing well. Am a fan! Much love from Philippines!

  • Sallykurniawan

    i’m a big fan of you Tim !i’m Sally from Indonesia.First time i see your face at Beauty And The Geek,i’m very impressed with you and i love to see your relationship with Kara :) And you’re amazing after the makeover :p GO TIM!

  • Goofy Goober

    Tim, my name is Aulia, I’ve mentioned you on twitter about 6 days ago, i like your personality, you’re really kind :) even before your makeover.. I’m really glad if we can know each other and talk about astronomy!! Because I also like astronomy since senior high! Haha :p I’m from Indonesia :)

    • You are too kind :)
      One day I promise to go back to talking about astronomy rather than the daily woes of life :P

  • G Greice

    Lindo,apaixonei. O geek mais lindo q ja vi ,pena q estou no Brasil

  • Lina Raelly

    Oi Tim!

    Estava torcendo muito por você. Agora que está passando aqui no Brasil a edição que você participou.
    Curso física aqui no Brasil e também sou encantada por astronomia.
    Confesso que fiquei triste quando você cortou o cabelo, era lindo (ainda é) :D
    Além de inteligente é lindo! Fiquei encantada por você.
    Abraços e Sucessos :)

  • TheFirstChild

    I’ve recently watched the 2010 episode via YouTube and I had to Google you. When I re-read that, it makes me sound like a cyber-stalker (I promise I’m not). If I was on the show the first day I would have picked you too, mostly because you look like the 30 Seconds to Mars singer – Jared Leto ( – even underneath all that fuzz.

    Anyway. Now that I have stalked you and told you who you remind me of, I’m going to luv and leave you.