Shameful Nostalgia

Stop the press: two posts in as many days! I am sure this is some kind of record, though to be frank I cannot muster the courage to actually check through my past posts for the dates.

While it is no secret to those of whom I see on a regular basis, I may as well come clean with the rest of you. I have started collecting Pokémon cards. I say started in the most poetic sense possible, as of the 600+ card collection was purchased during the early months of 1999 when it was first released in Australia. The more correct term would probably be ‘resume’ or even ‘continue’; sometimes I like to pretend I have dignity. When a friend oh-so fortuitously came across a set of the cards I was immediately reminded of the healthy stack of cards sitting in a shoebox in my wardrobe. Urged by carnal powers stronger than any man has ever faced, the cards were sought, dusted off, and brought to bear the harsh light of day once more. It was immediately apparent that the dusty old ripcurl packaging was no throne for my Pokémon and thus began the quest for a more fitting container. With Pokéballs in short supply (I blame the recession), small plastic forcefields would have to suffice.

My Hideous Addiction

With my accomplice trainer (whos identity has been expurgated* at his request) at my side, each Pokémon was lovingly acknowleged and cared for, catalogued and stored away. It is our common goal to one day catch them all.

[segue] Speaking of catching them all [/segue]; wanting to keep updated on some of my favourite webcomics, I have found myself checking my Twitter account more often. I created my account sometime during the Triassic period, only ever having made a single “Tweet”. The original account was made for an experiment I once ran in the name of science; an attempt to use a series of Twitter accounts for in-character banter between Dungeons and Dragons sessions, allowing my players to enjoy an expirience above and beyond normal character interaction. Interestingly enough, the user name I managed to acquire tends to attract the attention of those who believe they are getting something else entirely. My ‘followers’ are an interesting bunch, that is for sure.

With the account in my possession, and keypresses of F5 occuring at an alarming rate, it was an obvious (to some) descision to start making posts of my own. Ergo, if you are a purveyor of ‘Tweets’ like some I know, hit me up  on the site and see if anything I say is worthy of reading.!/DungeonMaster

*Word of the Day: I refuse all and any who judge me for its usage!

  • I’d forgotten that you’d secured that u/n. Nice work (:

    Also, He Who Shall Not Be Named Patrick and yourself are doing a fine job of advancing the case of killing future nerds at birth. If you really want to get obsessed over something, go grab Knights in the Nightmare. It’s a transcendent experience.

  • What the hell, you’re tweeting now? I stopped following you because there was never any updates

  • Full-metal Barbie

    I still remember the dodgy fake Pikachu card I found in chinatown years ago. It claimed Pikachu weighed 9kg! I often thing of poor Ash in this alternate Poke-verse, he must have cripling back and neck issues from carrying that hefty little critter around on his shoulder all day!