After a week of pretty much constant all-nighters and terrible food, I have found what little solice I can in nostalgic 90’s songs. After coming across a torrent for the Top 250 Hits of the 90’s I have found myself in an inexplicable spiral of depravation. If you hear me singing any of these tracks, please give me a friendly tap on the face with your fist.

In the meantime, look at some of these fantastic things I have found while desperately trying to procrastinate!

  • The only magazine I would consider buying has done another fantastic article on the Terminator. The movie tie ins are obvious, but the content is interesting independently (see previous post).
  • I always feel compelled to let everyone know when important astrophysics comes out of Australia. Just click this link to find out why.
  • Keeping the astronomy theme going, these are the only pictures ever of a shuttle in solar transit. Read up for how he did it, which is the truly amazing part!
  • This is just freaking cool! From the same guy who brought us that fantastic Steampunk IBM keyboard and the amazing Steapunk Laptop, don’t be too shy to delve deeper into his site and look at all the other fantastic creations within. May hat is eternally tipped in respect.

Alrighty now, back to it. This project does not write itself… little bastard that it is.