Beauty and Unlikely Places

I am sure there is an obligatory joke about many-eyed cavern dwellers of questionable alignment, but this past week I have been seeing some truly amazing images in the most unlikely of places. While I have always been a strong supporter of the inherant beauty of bubble chambers, today I would like to share some more abstract pieces.

This chap has turned old cassette tapes into something truly amazing. My personal fav is definitely Mr Smith of Cure fame; the surly look is perfectly rendered in magnetic tape splendour!

Using X-Rays to see inside of things is something we take for granted, but someone has decided to use them to artistically show the innards of our favourite objects. The nostalgia aspect of seeing inside a SNES holds particlar sway over my heart.

What possessed this man to actually do this, I do not know, but the result is truly breathtaking. Is there a little artist inside every Roomba, trying to break out? Part of me kind of hopes so.

Of course, what better way to finish the day than with a perspex blue glowing COIL GUN!