These Troubled Times

Will code for food
Creative Commons License photo credit: pvera

Quitting ones job right at the beginning of a global recession may seem an unwise decision. Some have led me to believe that the act showed a lack of foresight or planning; or common sense. I like to think that walking out on my job just started a global trend. While the lack of income has stopped me from doing some of the things I really enjoy (eating, bathing, etc), I have been resourceful in funding the bare necessities (internet, electricity, etc). Getting a teaching position at my University was a fantastic move, though a stopgap measure in the long run. What I truly have found myself poor of is time. Between my classes, my Astrophysics Project, and instructing the public in key survival techniques; there is little interesting to talk about, and less time to say it in.

Of course, talking about space just makes me want to start paying Mass Effect again; something that is beyond my power until my computer is restored to a respectable standard. One thing that I have been doing to help me forget the woeful state my computer is in, however, is playing a lot of Xbox 360. Namely: GTA IV. I full well understand how far behind I am in the grand timeline, I just never expected myself to buy a 360 to be perfectly honest. The act of purchase itself was one of my last while working at that godforsaken place, somewhat akin to a last ditch attempt at trying to validate all those hours toiled away in futility. I do not regret it.

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