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Nick Cave Perth 2009
Creative Commons License photo credit: Toothsouper

It has been quite a month for the living dead in my little corner of this blue marble. First I become totally hooked on the musical artist Voltaire. Then Valve releases Left 4 Dead, their latest singularity whose event horizon marks the death of all my spare time. The game on Steam is one of the most innovative multiplayer games I have seen implemented  in a long time, and I strongly believe the gamble has paid off in their favour. Left 4 Dead, however, is not the highlight of this reanimated flesh-pile’s week (although I do so desperately want to talk about it soon!). Rather, it was last night’s intimate encounter with a certain Mr Nick Cave and his misbehaved Seeds that has set my heart a swoon. The concert was a punch in the face by my good friend Nostalgia who is always there to remind me of my childhood before the millennial shift. I have to say that the concert-goers were about as varied as a pack of licorice all-sorts, something that took me off guard. Ages ranged from what looked to be 16 all the way through to about 60; there were IndieKids, Hippies, Ravers, Goths, Metalheads, and Blingers in any given aliquot. Imagine that!

After the warm up band wrapped up their little contribution, mostly the same tune over and again with lyrics on such pressing topics as suicide machines and porcupine love… something that will hunt my sleeping hours evermore, the pit of the Belvoir Amphitheatre swelled with the bodies of all these different breeds; all united in their common passion. The noise of the crowd as Mr Cave entered the natural stadium was otherworldly, and subsided instantly as he raised his microphone laden hand to his mouth. As far as my post-concert emotionally-drained brain can recall, the setlist looked something like this:

Hold On To Yourself

Dig, Lazarus, Dig!!!


Red Right Hand

Today’s lesson


We Call Upon The Author

Jesus Of The Moon

Midnight Man

Nature Boy

Straight To You

Papa won’t leave you Henry

The Mercy Seat


Into My Arms

More News From Nowhere


The lyre of Orpheus

People Aint No Good

Get Ready for Love

Hard On for Love

Jesus Of The Moon

Stagger Lee

Highlights for me are most certainly the revamped Weeping Song which seemed to take on the feeling of a swollen ocean, storming and crashing with the emotion of a million souls; Mercy Seat and its machine gun tattoo drilling pure remorse and fear into my skull; and Into My Arms, a song intrinsically tied to thoughts of my beautiful partner. That said, every single song performed that night was simply amazing. It is doubtful that a non-Cave cd will be gracing my car’s stereo for some time now.

If I have made a mistake in that setlist, maybe the order isn’t quite right or I have missed something (or worse, imagined a song they didn’t actually play!), please let me know in the comments or email. Lastly, I would like to thank Mr Nick Cave for coming all the way out to Perth, and then all the way out again to the Belvoir (a good 40 minutes from the City), and giving us a memory that will stay with all who attended for the rest of our lives. Also massive thanks to Mr Tooth Soup for the epic lift to and from, and the photos from on high.

  • Psychic 17

    We too were very lucky to see Nick Cave in Adelaide. I am a relatively new fan but have all his studio albums and know nearly all the songs by heart. We had a crowd of 2000 and the venue was quite warm. The crowd ranged from babies not yet born to people in their late 60’s. I too was taken aback by the wide variety of his fans. Even though the venue was crowded, hot & stuffy it didn’t stop Nick giving us a fabulous performance. I rarely leave the house. In fact this was the first time since Christmas. I am so glad that I did to see this brilliant performer in action. It was truly a night to remember. I am also glad I had the chance to see Mick Harvey before he leaves the band. It’s a shame that he is going but I wish him all the best for the future.