Strings in a Vacuum

Echoes of War - Eminence Studios Presents

Like a gift from the High Heavens, a blessed angel came unto me with news. “Hark,” sayeth he, “for I bring tidings of joy.”

“Angel,” I cry, “What blessed enlightenment do you bring this humble hermit”

The room filled with light as his hood slipped back. Phantasmal wings wrapped about my being and cradled me close to his breast. Tyrael’s love buffeted my soul like a hot wind, bringing such ecstacy and clarity unto my soul. The beat of a heart and he was gone. I was alone, my only companion; his last words as they echoed through my skull. Echoes of my past.

Echoes of War - The Music of Blizzard Entertainment

Like magpies to loose aluminium foil, I bought this as soon as I saw it. A legacy of games that defined my youth, recorded by one of the most prestigious orchestral contingents this country has borne in the last decade. Who can pass this up? Not I, that is for sure. The stack of Collectors Edition boxes of recent releases that is sitting next to me is a testament to the unhealthy obsession I have with these entities. I can’t play a single one of them until my final exam has come to its inevitable soul destroying close, however that is a story for tomorrow. Or probably “today” seeing as how it is 0300 and all.

Please, if you know what is good for you, then read up the Echoes of War Blog while you are at it. Legendary editions are limited to one printing only.

Echoes of War - Sample Tracks

  • I can’t wait till I gets it!! My precious! *scuttles around a bit*

  • I know, the anticipation is driving me crazy! The samples sound so fantastic, I… I just want to cry.