Crossing the Chiasm

Creative Commons License photo credit: Mal Cubed

Four years ago I encountered a game. It was unfinished, unpolished and buggier than Hellgate: London was at launch. To this day, Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines is still my number one favourite game of all time. Big call, I know, but I definitely feel it is justified. I’m not here to talk about Bloodlines, nor to lament the sad loss of the Old World of Darkness. Rather, the game introduced me to an artist by the name of Chiasm.

Emileigh Rohn, the single concussive force behind the project, wrote a song for the game called Isolated. It was to be played in one of the character hubs, and it was so powerful in it’s presence that to me the song became a character itself. After scouring the credits, I immediately hunted down this Chiasm and became a member of her street team. For several years hence, I received stickers and demo cd’s which I spread to as many friends as possible. However, one day the project seemed to fall silent, and I feared that maybe Ms Rohn’s studies in molecular biology were taking their toll on her creativity. No sooner had these thoughts propogated through the median of my mind, I was blindsided by her brand new album, Reform.

Scientist by Day
Musician by Night

Chiasm: Reform - Available September 1st

Honestly, hit up the website and give her a listen, or ask me and I will happily show you the cd’s I own. This is just one more proof that Science is Sexy. Keep an eye out for September 1, I promise a full review and retrospective impressions of her previous albums.