Dildogagging Fuckholes!

Creative Commons License photo credit: edgeplot

I don’t own a console, so I didn’t kick up a fuss when GTA IV was refused classification due to the lack of an R18+ rating in the Australian Classification Board’s worldview. Already, this sounds like Pastor Martin Niemöller’s too often quoted poem. However, now they really have come for me, or more particularly, the single title of this year that I was looking forward to.

This is not the last I have to say on the matter, mark my words. Mark ’em good… but it is late and I need to cool off.

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  • Made my comment here. I think it’s a goddamn bunch of crap, but fortunately I’m a PC gamer, so I can easily import it. I’m astounded that there isn’t an R18+ rating yet. Utterly backward. Thanks for the heads-up (:

  • K

    Dig the blog yo. Fallout 3 will be insanely great. And yeah, travesty for Aussies, of which I am not one, so I hate it for Phill. But not that much, because really, it doesn’t affect me at all.

    {Insert Nelson laugh from The Simpsons]

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