Anchor’s Aweigh

Red sunset and an ancor
Creative Commons License photo credit: Per Ola Wiberg..busy busy busy…..

Heave aweigh, haul aweigh! We are sailing for clearer skies. By clearer skies, I also mean “more appropriate urls”.

By the end of the week, our ship will have traversed the skies once more to drop anchor at her new mooring. Of course, our indecisive Captain remains unsure of just where that will be. There are two beautiful, secluded coves that no-one has yet stumble upon. Both have crystal clear waters and lush green foliage at the shoreline. The only difference is one has a peninsula in the middle, and one does not. You see, resting an Airship to anchor is not an easy task, and our beloved Captain is somewhat lazy. He feels that the grass will always be greener (or… water… blue-er…), but finds it ironic, because they both lay under the same sky (which is of much more use to the Captain of a dirigible).

Help the Captain decide, or the stress will force him to start drinking… again!