The Misanthropy Minute (Part II)

GTI broken window
Creative Commons License photo credit: r3v || cls

Ask yourself what would be more frustrating than having your car being broken into, having all your windows smashed and your limited edition cd’s stolen? The very day I finished repairing my windows, which is in itself a costly endevour, I parked my car outside the John De Laeter building at Uni only for it to be broken into yet again!

Like some kind of sadistic ritual of planetary alignment, such is the time of the year for my luck to turn the way of milk in the light of the shining daystar. It is this inexplicable ability to consistantly lock horns with Dame Fortuna that steers the topics of my annual resolution pledges. “This year, I will stay away from large amounts of moving metal, or “This year, I promise to keep the fuck away from lightning!”. Maybe this year I should add an oath to steering cleer of groups of bored/retarded/delinquent children. To combat this, however, I am hatching a plan of pure villany and cunning incarnate. A very simple device, hooked to the switch on my now defunct immoboliser system, connecting the chassis of my car to the car battery itself…

  • Living in Cannington immunized me against being shocked at being broken into, considering it happened three times in the course of staying there. But yeah, timing sucks man ):

  • Awww. I kind of heard about this but didn’t really know. Maybe my comments at your bad luck during bar code were in extremely poor taste had I known…